• Egg warmers?


    It might be a swenglish word egg warmers...anyway if you want to pimp up your eggs this easter perhaps this could be the thing?

  • Happy easter


    If you are looking for some nice decoration, why not a glass hen from Food52.

  • Umbrella


    A salad umbrella perhaps?

  • Carrier company


    Carrier Company was formed by Tina Guillory in 1995 and she still works from her farmhouse close to the north norfolk coast. We really like this concept and the clothes! View the collection here!

  • Mapei


    Let's finish this week off with some great music, Don't wait with Mapei. The guy in this video looks like a younger version of Snoop dogg. View here.

  • Country living


    If you are looking for a summer house in the south of Sweden, check out this cottage with its more than 200 year old history.

  • Zeren Badar


    Accident series by Zeren Badar, via Yellowtrace.

  • Doggy bag


    Canvas dog carrier from Kate Spade Saturday, if you really need to carry your dog...

  • Toscana


    It would be nice to travel here for inspiration...More pics and locations, visit Tema Toscana.

  • Submarine


    It is raining today but we still got some exiting view outside our window.

  • Sleepy Jones


    We have found really nice pajamas for both men and women at Sleepy Jones.

  • Luxury


    For us it is luxury to buy some fresh flowers to the office every week and now, this time of the year, you can really pic and choose. These pics are from Gardenista and inspired us to buy something similar to our place.

  • Basket


    If you are looking for the perfect basket, visit Terrain.

  • Viva lakrits


    New favourites on the candy shelf.

  • Ideell


    Perhaps some sushi for lunch today on our dinner ware for IKEA.

  • Valentino


    Pattern wise it is everything from graphic to organic, very inspiring RTW Fall 2014 collection.

  • Earth Hour


    Don't forget earth hour tomorrow!

  • Gompf + Kehrer


    We like these porcelain bowls from Gompf + Kehrer.

  • Best Made Company


    We like this company, they make you want to live a real country life. Catalogue No.2 will now be launched, sign up here.

  • Midori


    More products that we have made for the Japanese company Midori.

  • Farrow & Ball


    Farrow & Ball have a new collection of wallpapers, view more here.

  • This makes us happy


    We found this picture on the webb, someone has made a sofa cover out of our fabric Gisela for IKEA. And another one have embroided on our fabric Tidny, fantastic!

  • Oh my...


    Someone has honoured us by getting a tattoo with our bird from the IKEA fabric Cecilia. What praise indeed! View how it was done here.

  • WSPA


    We support WSPA and their work to protect animals, read more about what you can do to help here.

  • Society


    New products from spring/summer collection 2014. Always on our wish list...

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