• Diagram Landscapes


    A friend of ours, Anders Granberg has a side project called Diagram. This weekend he and his friend Lars Lengquist has an exhibition at Nacka Konsthall, more info here.

  • Burberry


    Prorsum Spring 2012 RTW. Christopher Bailey wanted to step back and, as he put it, "celebrate things that take time to do." Following on from his last men's collection, his latest was a paean to handcrafts: crochet, beading, carving, weaving, braiding, printing.

  • Library


    Create your own library with a five-color assortment of 50 library cards - 10 of each color. Printed on sturdy card stock with tons of Old School appeal.

  • Giopato & Coombes


    Cristiana Giopato and Christopher Coombes, she Italian and he English, have been working together for about 6 years. Read more here.

  • Let's make some great art


    We love this book!

  • Trendenser


    We have made a new graphic identity for one of Swedens most popular interior blog called Trendenser.

  • Office in a jar


    Some stuff for the new year ahead. The jar contains almost everything that your desk needs for an active work day!

  • Erasers


    If you like erasers, you can buy a bunch at Present & Correct. The box contains 6 new & vintage erasers.

  • Sasa Antic


    A few of our favourites from Sasa Antics portfolio. View more here.

  • 1970s Crayons


    An iconic, and truly excellent, box containing 8 wax crayons.

  • Enzo Mari


    This original creation by Enzo Mari underlines a double function: it is a puzzle object and also a "construction game" that allows a free composition of elements.

  • An unexpected visitor


    At our office we have a back yard with a few doves hanging arround. The other day we had a visit from what we in Sweden call a "dove hawk" and he/she ate one.

  • Tea Towels


    On our wish list, tea towels with prints by Lucienne Day.

  • Sweeteeth


    This sounds good! "65% dark chocolate encases a smooth, rich caramel, finished off with a light sprinkling of sea salt for the perfect sweet and salty indulgence."

  • Rowen & Wren


    Beautiful products, view more here.

  • Happy New Year!


    We wish you all a great 2012.

  • Clark Goolsby


    Check out more of his work.

  • Paul Loebach


    An everyday table for two, this glossy Dining Table has two hinged leaves and gate-legs that expand out to host up to six people for dinner, then fold back down after the party's over.

  • Blocks


    Compete or partner up with these stone-sized Balancing Blocks to build structures focusing on height, speed or style.

  • Urbanears


    New colours, Mustard, Raspberry and Indigo.

  • Ion Lamp


    Ion porcelain lamp in white or black with twisted cloth cord. Cast iron base with a gray felt disk on the bottom.

  • Fishscape


    Made of hand-blown glass and manufactured by Gaia & Gino in Turkey. Design by Aruliden.

  • Seasons Greetings


    We wish you all a very nice weekend!

  • Christmas sweets


    A new product that we made this year for IKEA was paper baking cups. We will try the small ones and make some "knäck" (see picture with the toffee look-a-like candy).

  • Sydney Hale Co


    A family owned business residing in the town of Arlington, VA. 10% of each sale is donated to a local animal rescue organization. Read more here.

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