• Oh my...


    Someone has honoured us by getting a tattoo with our bird from the IKEA fabric Cecilia. What praise indeed! View how it was done here.

  • Riksbyggen


    We have made some new illustrations for our client Riksbyggen.

  • Micki movie


    Our illustrations for the toy company Micki has been turned into a movie, view here.

  • Askul


    We have made new illustrations for our client Askul in Japan.

  • Games


    We have made illustrations and graphic designs for two new card games, the first is about books and the other is about candy, for our client Kakao.

  • Work in progress


    A sneek peek of work in progress. More info on this project later on.

  • Stickers for IKEA


    We have made sheets with different stickers for example wash bins, recycling and more.

  • Riksbyggen


    Part of an illustration for our client Riksbyggen.

  • Moderna Museet


    We have interpreted work by Rauschenberg and Duchamp into two posters for Museum of Modern art in Stockholm.

  • Animal carpet


    We have made illustrations for a children's carpet for our new client Lekolar.

  • Plaster


    We have made new plasters for IKEA Family called Patrull.

  • Godis


    We have made new illustrations for IKEA.

  • Hammarplast


    We have a new client, Hammarplast. We have worked with illustrations on lids of plastic storage. First out is a first aid kit box, more to come later.

  • Ringbinders


    Our ringbinders for Bookbinders Design, in new colours.

  • Överens


    We have made illustrations for IKEA on a dinner ware called Överens.

  • Timglas


    We have made illustrations based on the four seasons as a decoration on scented candles for IKEA.

  • Ombytlig


    We have made illustrations for IKEA, the mug is called Ombytlig.

  • Sweco


    We have made an illustration and art project for Sweco, this is one of six different pieces.

  • Sticking Plaster


    We have made illustrations for IKEA Family sticking plaster Patrull.

  • Work in progress


    One of six different art works, for a new client of ours.

  • Happy easter


    The easter weekend starts today, we painted some eggs here at the office. This is actually Lisa's favourite holiday beacause of the unlimited resources of candy...

  • Fab cups


    We have made illustrations for a new company called Fab Cups. Read more here.

  • Happy New Year!


    We wish you all a great 2012.

  • Seasons Greetings


    We wish you all a very nice weekend!

  • Unicef


    We have made a christmas card for Unicef.

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