• Berkeley London


    Witty packaging of chocolate, at the Berkeley Hotel in London. Via The Dieline.

  • Sweeteeth


    This sounds good! "65% dark chocolate encases a smooth, rich caramel, finished off with a light sprinkling of sea salt for the perfect sweet and salty indulgence."

  • Christmas sweets


    A new product that we made this year for IKEA was paper baking cups. We will try the small ones and make some "knäck" (see picture with the toffee look-a-like candy).

  • Hope + Le Labo


    It's good that Hope and Le Labo are collaborating so that we can buy nice scented candles here in Sweden as well.

  • Prospector Co.


    Something for dad? Prospector Co. is a line for men who seek purpose and forethought in their skin and shave products. Named after prolific figures in history, each product stands on its own, free of any additives, artificial fragrances or colorings, and the all natural ingredients are blended and packaged by hand in small batches.

  • L:a Bruket


    The Swedish company L:a Bruket manufactures handmade soap and spa products etc, only using the best organic ingredients. We think the packaging looks great.

  • Exhibitionist coffee cup


    Hilarious! Design by Brock Davis.

  • Stella McCartney


    For the first time, Stella McCartney matches her signature fragrance to her mainline collection to create the limited edition ‘Print Collection’ fragrances.

  • Miller Harris


    Another company who knows how to make nice packaging.

  • Bellocq tea atelier


    Great packaging design. Must visit the the shop when we get a chance.

  • Pärlans Konfektyr


    Handmade toffee from Stockholm. We love the retro feeling of the logo as well.

  • Beer bottles


    We have made some new designs for Mohawk beer, comissoned by Wicked Wine.

  • Willie's chocolate factory


    Willie Harcourt-Couze has been dubbed an eccentric entrepreneur with a mission to educate the public in the delights of top quality chocolate. You must visit the website!

  • Ice cream


    The Swedish company Kungsholmens glassfabrik makes great ice cream.

  • Anderssen & Voll


    Mushroom containers Kikut.

  • Ordning & Reda


    Buro range by designwright for lexon in green. Via Designboom.

  • Belvoir Fruit Farms


    We like. Read more about the company here.

  • Chocolate from Russia


    We can never get enough of great packaging.

  • Anti-Theft Lunch Bags


    Brilliant bags by the, via I Love Peggy.

  • Sustainable design


    Mason Pearson has been making this rubber-cushion hairbrush since 1885 and we love the design and packaging.

  • Beer in mind


    Yesterday Lisa had dinner out and found these fantastic japanese beer bottles.

  • Wicked Beer


    We are happy to show you the result of our collaboration with Wicked Wine. These are a selected few of the bottles we made so far.

  • Tissue boxes


    Tissue boxes are big in Japan. We made this design for the japanese company Askul.


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